Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Extrapolate to Possible

Here's how I write: I get an insane dream or vision from whatever muse most fit into your metaphysics, and then I interpret that through the lens of character. It's all about character, but let's leave that aside as a given.

Sometimes it's just too insane. It's impossible, but I just keep on going on until I make it right. You take a dash of history and a bit of science, then take it a few decades in the future and it's perfectly plausible.

It might help at this point to lay some Science on you: Nothing is impossible, it's just that some things are more improbable than other things. Frankly, your provincial insistence on penguin servility is more a judgement on you than on me. Sapient penguins, to me! Damn.

Here's the actual point. If things didn't progress, we'd still be wearing powdered wigs and beating our wives for fun.Once things progress a little bit, that means the groundwork has been laid for things to progress a lot. I'm not sure we realize how far Science has come, because we're so busy playing with our iPads (sorry, 1 iPad blog viewer. Also shout-out, whoo!).

It's annoying to me, as a science fiction writer who bothers to do the research, that current scientific trends are implausible. It's also scary.


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