Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Aesop Amidst The Fairy Dust

As I start writing this, I'm getting the feeling this is going to be one of those posts where the title is much more interesting than the content. Carry on, carry on.

In my short story pool is simmering, is simmering. There are six ideas, they exist bubbling up and down, overflowing, wounding, winding, shimmer, simmer. Disentangle.

One, the first, "Cosmast Rhyt" - a far future humanity lives forever quest exploring what could motivate immortals and whether they're immortal at all with a darkly humorous tone throughout.

Two, the second, "Job Interview" - a chronologically diverse story of a mundane job interview with horrible consequences showpiece for description practice.

Three, the third, "An Aesop Amidst The Fairy Dust" (yeah) urban fantasy fair folk smart smart, doom. Why would you camp out behind an apartment building that you have a room in? A shirt becomes important, pull the thread, pull the thread.

Four, the fourth, "City Muse, Country Muse" Alan IV in the city doesn't belong, doesn't realize, mirror image, in the country, doesn't belong, notices, when the split, when the break, What! This...muse, where? Explosion, death. Might get in trouble for that.

Five, the fifth, "The Ambassador's Lady" Imperial Russia, Byronic Heroine, Machinations, Invasion, Message, Gift, Court, Research, -----> Climax, Sexy.

Six, the sixth, "Revolt in Youth" a rebellious free spirit with a cruel governess, kidnapped by a pirate, a swamp hag, a ship captain, mother, rebellious daughter. The swamp hag is first, last, all. Slipstream, slipstrum.

SEVEN, there's a lot to be said for slow-cooking.

Back to the garal.


sssThat's how it's done. You've just been invited to spend a few moments in the Creative process. You won't wonder when it works, wonder when it doesn't.

Because when it's working right, you won't notice it at all.

250 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die"
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