Thursday, December 9, 2010

Post 125

I thought it'd be pretty lame to celebrate Post 120 as it was an Away From Blog moment, so here we are at Post 125, the fifth of four twenty-fives! Exciting! I was going to be all cool and have six new stories up and ready at this point, but that has been delayed slightly (I have to finish the Cover Art and formatting on two of them), again by the Away From Blog moment.  That'll happen presently, though. Awesome!

Anyways, here's what this blog is about: Every day I come up with a post about the Craft, Business, Mindset, or Technique of Writing. I add a picture and a random thought under the pound sign, usually in the hopes of it congealing into a story idea. I then put my word count for the day and the projects I worked on. Sometimes I forget to add in my total word count if I advanced a book a lot, but you can be assured that I'll always get 250 words out every day unless I'm dead. Then I'll put what I'm currently reading. Since I read so fast, sometimes it slips my mind when I'm actually writing the post, but if it was memorable, it'll go down there.

Then, if I'm feeling especially dramatic, I post a link to one of my available stories. Huh. I guess today isn't one of those days.

After that, I sit back and watch the comments flow in.


I'm perfectly willing to be the opiate of the masses. Sure, I'm an Artist, but I don't have to starve. I bet I could write two magnum opi in the time it took those underfed losers to write one. Yeah!

On the other hand, chariots are pretty cool.

250 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die"
- - - -
Reading - ?


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