Friday, December 10, 2010

Magical Adventures in the Everyday

Now that I have finished "Sorcerer's Hire" (i.e. Magic) and "Ostracon" (i.e. Knight-Errantry) it is time to revisit Fantasy and see what I have Learned.

I kicked Fantasy ass
Just to get that out of the way. One story in a magical-industrial warfare setting and one tale of mesolithic errantry. Not half bad.

Magic is fun, sometimes
It's an interesting challenge to work out the system the story wants.

I don't write Medieval European Fantasy
and I tend toward the low end on the spectrum from High to Low Fantasy. Urban Fantasy is amongst my next projects. I also take the view that plenty of people are writing classic fantasy. I want to see where else I can put Fantasy. Anyways, I didn't read all this non-European history and anthropology to set all my stories in a setting I am less qualified to evoke.

Description is more important in Fantasy
The big Craft take-away (as opposed to genre distinction) is that I don't describe much. Whether that means I don't describe enough or I describe just enough is up to experiment. I'll have to roll through a few stories describing more than I usually do and see what happens.


The results are in on my productivity survey. Lots of folk recommended Freedom, so I tried it out. Then I found a better tool called Rescue Time, which fits my need for statistics better.

Use it, and this pretty lady might glance at you briefly before walking on.

250 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die"
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