Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Pile of Karma

Looking at why it takes ten hours (@ 500wds/hr) to write a story instead of five hours (@ 1000wds/hr), I discovered that it was because I've been involuntarily updating the outlines of other stories in the midst of writing the one in front of me, holding three or four stories in my head and spending at least 250wds/hr worth of time untangling them to get the one I want.

I needed an organizational system, so I tried to clear my mind by ignoring the other stories entirely. That didn't seem to work. I was about to look on the Internet for "meditation" when the thought occurred that I live in the country with probably the highest number of monks per capita, and I was going by the local mountain temple anyways. So I figured out my question and asked the abbot:

"Long-pa, I'm trying to clear my mind, so that I can think only one story-full of ideas at a time. How can I do this?"

"A difficult question," he said, nodding. "Come back next week for the answer."

I came back today and asked "Long-pa, did you think about my question?"


And so I was enlightened.


(The rest is beyond the scope of this blog, so here's a picture of a crazy fish.)

(Pretty crazy!)

Words? Yes
Short Story "Bitsy Pollo Save Us!"
- - - -
Reading - MASSIVE Sqwertz
(I have no idea if this is any good...researching)



  1. I'm glad you found enlightenment! I have to say my writing has gotten a lot slower lately as well, though that's largely because I'm reading through everything I write several times. I need to just dive in at some point and not worry too much about everything.

  2. I'm using your (parenthetical outlining) system lately. So... awesome.

    I'm not going to thank you for it or anything though.

  3. It's hard to know which part of this post I need to take seriously ... so I'll just guess.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with your writing habits. You're writing, you're finishing, you're submitting. That's great!

    I know that I have my own ways to step away from a story to let the muse rest and get it's act together.

    For myself I know I have a bad habit at looking too closely at my daily work instead of my weekly or monthly output. So: How's your monthly output?

  4. Nicholas: No big deal, I become enlightened about three times per day 'round here.

    Ben: How am I supposed to start a three-day workshop if you steal all my best stolen, renamed ideas? You're picking my pocket!

    Jeff: Full disclosure, I'm shooting for 1000wds/hr so I hit 750wds/hr for 42 hours a week, 32000 words. I want to (and must) earn a living (a low figure for my simple needs) at this monstrosity I've created ASAP. Besides, I've got a personal challenge going, and backing down ain't my style. Perpetual raising of the challenge stakes? That's my style. Until I collapse.

    This is only the first month of full-time writing, so I don't know my monthly output. But I intend it to be my best month on record even if aiming at the moon has always landed me among the stars.


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