Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not The Post I Was Expecting

A general slapdash of today's highlights.

Because I usually only critique at the Critters Writer's Workshop in big chunks once a month or when I see somebody I know, I completely forgot I had something coming up in the queue until I had a pile of critiques show up in my inbox. Pleasant surprise. I think I'll use a Most Productive Critter bump to get another pile next week. I'm in the mood for criticism.

Adding to yesterday's post, I'm also not going to post any sales numbers until the quarter after that full quarter in which I have 100 stories up. There's no point in proceeding in this experiment without a fair data set.

Alan4 is a bit more on the magical side of the magical realism spectrum, but it's pretty cool. It incorporates some of the research I did at the same time as the event relayed here, including a basic grounding in Pali. Exciting. This story is also the first one I've outlined entirely before sitting down to write. Results seem to be about the same, but I think that's because I already knew who Alan was, so I didn't need the 1000 word start to know who I was writing.

Alan5 "Disease of the Heart" is forming itself in my mind and will probably be my project-after-next, whatever my next project turns out to be.

I'm writing to Ella Fitzgerald love songs.

Regarding my proposed short story "We All Die 4000", I think it should be set on a cruise ship. With bears.

Words? Yes
Short Story "A Blot on the Escutcheon" (Alan4) - totally outlined, in progress.
- - - -
Reading - ?

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