Friday, January 21, 2011

The Post I Was Expecting

I'm still writing too slow. I want white-hot incandescence and I'm getting a camp-fire sing-song. I blame you, me. I also blame my being drawn like a moth to the flame that is the endless parties of the local landscape. Alas, the sacrifice, but at least it was in the cause of fun instead of pure procrastination.

My attempts to write a second story from an outline are causing difficulty, so I'm going to try again using the Right Way. Here's how it works, apparently: if I already know the characters and setting, an outline works fine. If I don't, I have to dive into the icy cold waters of uncertainty and allow it to seep into my pores and out by the fingers into the keyboard.

I think I'll write a sequel to "Ostracon". I'm drawn to the character, and the story did leave itself open to a sequel.

I'm reading a romance novel. I do rather like breaking into new genres, so I might as well do the basic research necessary. As far as I can tell thus far, it's mostly the same, just don't describe the heroine too much. Except for her hair.

Never look back, people.


You know, even by the standards of wartime propaganda posters, this one rubs me the wrong way. Still, it has inspired a new, much better plot for "The Ten-Thousand Dollar Whore".

If I'm going to be rubbed the wrong way, it's going to be for research purposes.

Words? Yes
Short Story "A Blot On The Escutcheon" - almost there
Short Story "Sharia & The Gays" - images collated
Short Story "The Ten-Thousand Dollar Whore"
Short Story Ostacon2 - planning
- - - -
Reading - "The Master and the Muses" (Amanda McIntyre)



  1. A brave soul, breaking into a different genre. I might pull others into SF/F/H, but I don't know if I could jump with both feet into a historically accurate romance or some such...

  2. I figure researching and attempting genres such as Horror and Romance will at least allow me to plug in lessons learned to my main SF and Fantasy focus. You can write a "SF Romance", but not really a "Fantasy SF" (unless that's just another word for Space Opera).


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