Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stats @ Pals

I get lots of hits originating from:

The active commentariat @DeanWesleySmith 's always illuminating site.

Links @ the sites of:
Ben Godby
Alex J. Kane
Jeff Ambrose

But, oddly, not so many from the link @
Annie Bellet
...the Internet is a mystery

I wonder if Jonathan Swift saw any money out of this advertisement? →

More recently, from comments @ Chuck Wendig's site.

The recent comments bar @ D.M. Bonnano's site. Probably from fellow Write1Sub1 folk

Being @ Eileen Rhoadarmer's blog roll.

And, for some reason, a lot of Google searches for one "Rahul Kanakia"

Now, let's just check that I've spelled everybody's names correctly...


Words? Yes
Short Story "Players of the Nuclear Theremin" - Science Fiction career study
Short Story "An Aesop Amidst The Fairy Dust" - Urban Fantasy with Fairy Pizza (as opposed to fairy cake?)
Short Story "All The Squirrels Are Gone" - Horror ... something or another.
- - - -
Reading - December 2010 Recommended Reading List
(Kristin Kathryn Rusch)



  1. Well for one thing, I google myself alot. Like, every week at least, if not more.

  2. It's a Mystery! An eternal mystery with no solution, ever.

  3. Ha. I get traffic from you all the time. Weird it doesn't run the other way :P

  4. One of my pseudonyms should be David Awesomeface. Then I'd get traffic.


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