Thursday, January 13, 2011

Greasy Spoon Night Shift Waiter

Here's what a Writer is, is a person who's willing to explore the dark corners of people's lives, compare them to the dark corners of his own mind and concoct an amalgam of the two into something readable. The only way to explore these dark corners is to actually go there. There's no real point in making a map, because the terrain shifts every day.

It's scary.

What I did today was write a very scary story all in one sitting. It's not scary in the sense of monsters, it's scary in the sense of...lack of monsters. What actually goes on inside someone's head is disturbing enough without having to worry about losing even that...

I wrote it entirely to this:

Mr. Miles Davis pretty much captures the mood of the story.


Sometimes I just stay up all night and see what happens. Amongst my favorite activities are wandering around the darkness and seeing what goes on. They say a man is what is he is in the dark. I say that makes a lot of sense. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to write something else, because I don't trust myself to go to sleep tonight.

It might even be set in a Greasy Spoon Night Shift. But I can't stop whistling...

3500 words? Yes
Short Story "City Muse, Country Muse" (AKA Alan #4)- finished, submitted. (W1S1 Status: Gold)
- - - -
Reading - ?



  1. Yeah, I'm trying to reduce my filter more and more. It makes for better fiction. The problem is, do I have the street cred? What if someone from a minority of some kind, or from some kind of intellectual ivory tower, or from - god forbid it - the future, comes along and calls me a poser and pushes me into a puddle in the depths of the night? What then?

  2. Getting pushed into a puddle only happens once. Everybody seeing you getting pushed into a puddle and buying your stuff to see what the fuss was about is forever. It's easier to pose if your prop is cash.


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