Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rethink Everything

My latest stab at increasing my productivity is much more advanced than previous attempts. I've literally split my netbook (name: "Annette". ...Har?) into two Worlds. There's the Windows partition, AKA the World of Fun and the GNU/Linux partition, AKA the World of Work. The only connection between the two worlds is World Snake, the 1GB transfer drive. Great advertisement for GNU/Linux there, I know, but works.

In the World of Work, YouTube is disabled and I can't access any of the videos, games, books or other entertainment on the World of Fun's partition. World Snake is only used for transferring text files, documents and images. When I'm not doing cover art or word processing, I mostly hang out in a full-screen environment (Emacs or the Terminal) and tap away without distraction.

I do allow myself background music as long as it doesn't have any lyrics in a language I can understand. Anyways, so far so good. We'll see how well it works in the next month as I go for 10 short stories in January, whoo.

By the by, a pretty cool learning resource for Free software (i.e. if you wanted to learn more about GIMP than my Cover Art can teach you) is FLOSS Manuals

So yeah. Looks like I've got it figured out.

And then somebody does this:


On another branch of Rethink Everything, I often forget amidst all the cool Science! of "Contact" (Carl Sagan) that it starts out as a book about Ellie Arroway, female scientist who struggles to be taken seriously, gets taken seriously, then gets screwed over by the universe (in a good way).

I guess it's just as hard for me to imagine Scientists being sexist as it is for non-geeks to image Scientists being sexy. I touch on avoiding sexism (etc.) in Writing Women, Part 1; Part 2, which were rather popular.

Speaking of popular: Along with great character Cool Science Girl Ellie, Contact also had Cool Rich Guy S.R.Haddon and Cool Religious Guy Palmer Joss. A smorgasbord of characterization it was.

250 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long to Die"
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  1. I've found it helpful at times as well to write on a computer without internet. I like to go to the public library with my laptop sometimes, since I can't access wireless internet there.

    Or, maybe I can, but I'm too lazy to figure out how. And I want it to be a place to go to without internet. (If I desperately have to look something up, there are usually some computers there available with internet, but it's timed and one-use only.)


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