Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lazy Writer Eats: Delicious Salad

What am I up to today? Eating Delicious Salad! As everybody knows, vegetables are brain food. And the working writer needs all the help he can get. (Isn't fish brain food?) Shut up.

What you'll get.
What you'll need. Fresh
Egg, ver' expensive due to flooding. (Chickens can't swim, I guess.) Hardboiled.
Cabbage. Remember, if there are worms on it, you know it's organic.
Onion. Lots of onion.
Corn, steamed, shucked.
Red beans, for protein.
Some weird meat substitute thing you found in the market. It's taro!
Red onion, for color.
Tomato, which is actually a berry. Supreme Court said so.
Exploded rice. I don't know the real term, but it's for texture.
Cucumber. Because why not?
A bowl, preferably one of the cool ceramic ones.
Salad dressing (not pictured), not too sweet.
A fork.
A girlfriend, for steps three and six.

Step 1. Assemble the ingredients
Step 2. Cut them up as per custom. Steam the corn, hard boil the egg.
Step 3. SEX, possibly some booze
Step 4. Place all ingredients in bowl.
Step 5. Salad dressing, to taste.
Step 6. Eat, talk about your feelings.

Total cost per bowl: ~฿25. That is, less than a can of beer.

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More exciting blurb: The First 200 Days (200th post)

What food do you make?
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  1. Lazy writer is making another writer hungry... yum!

    Also: does anything produced in Thailand automatically "look Asian?" Or did you affect that effect upon the salad intentionally?

  2. That look very colorful and perhaps only somewhat appetizing. ;)

  3. It's the way I cut the cabbage. It makes it look like that sad little side salad you sometimes get at Japanese steakhouses. (Well, OK, not YOU...but people who eat at steakhouses.) Oh, and I suppose the taro cubes might add to the foreign element...but not, in any way, to the flavor.

    I hereby declare that it was the most delicious salad I have ever et sober.


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