Monday, February 14, 2011

A Balancing Act

Valentine's Day! Whoo! Hearts and such for everybody.

I have two Talks I have to give every girl I embark on a serious relationship with:

I'm a Creative
I am an INTJ personality and I've discovered that I'm happiest when I let that run wild throughout everything I do. "Does it work?" and "How can it work better?", followed by actually doing the trial-and-error required to make that happen. I carry around a notebook and write down ideas, then put them in the computer for later. I'm a Writer, and not the dilettante writer@party kind, the actual kind who has to put in a lot of hours writing so that he can one day make a living. That means that I'll be just as busy as you would expect an entrepreneur to be and sometimes I'll be busy to such a degree that I won't notice you no matter how sexy you've made yourself. On the upside, I don't watch sport?

Then if that hasn't scared her off,
I'm Manic-Depressive
Taking off from above, there will be times when I actively ignore you so as not to waste the blinding-hot creative mania that I am in so that I can get as much accomplished as possible. Then there will be times when I barely wake up and mostly wander around thinking about who-knows-what. This would be the best time to discuss your feelings, because I'll be able to dissect them most effectively without having the energy or wherewithal to try to solve them. That never helps. If one of these times, up or down, should fall upon a major holiday of love, don't get mad when I haven't planned anything. It's because I haven't looked at a calendar in days. I am neither annoyed nor sad, it's not you, and a surprise party will not go well.

On the upside, because of my meticulous mental hygiene, I will be the least drama you've ever had in your entire life. I'm never jealous, I'm calm, rational, and neither a perv nor a stalker. Also, I could care less how much you make, who you choose to hang out with, or what you choose to do. And, because of the good parts that come of mixing these two issues o' mine, I will make you laugh, continuously, whether you want to or not.

So, Happy Valentine's Day. I bought you a stuffed turtle.


Will I have a girlfriend at the end of the year? That's up to us.

But for now? Let's go to the circus and watch the clowns.

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  1. My motto is: You can't have too many stuffed turtles.

    It doesn't come up much.

  2. And if your talks--particularly if they're accurate--and your follow-through don't scare her off, then there's a good chance she's the one. Or at least someone you can be happy with for an extended time.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. My relationship rule is that if I haven't broken up with her for nit-picky reasons within one or two months, it's my duty to give her a chance to break up with me for good reasons. Preferably before Valentine's Day/major vacation days so both parties can save money on gifts and travel.

    I think I'll call it "Realationship"


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