Friday, February 18, 2011

The Rickety Plane To Adventure

I walk the line of petty and awesome, careful not to fall too far on either side. My new rule is that I can't call myself a Writer unless I've spent at least 40 hours writing the week before. Unless I was dead, in which case I have more interesting problems.

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be a ghost? Huh? My favourite kind of ghost is the friendly kind who just needs people to help it solve the mystery of how she was killed. Those ones are always fun, and there's a little tragedy when the detective realizes he's fallen in love with her but knows that he has to solve the mystery anyways. Then she moves on, blowing a kiss. Single tear.

Hey! The most rickety plane I've ever been on? Yeah, it crashed. Gently. Nobody died, nor did we have to build ourselves another plane to escape the desert. It was in China, though. Missed opportunity there.

Speaking of missed opportunity, I really should be writing more. It's just not fair. I am learning valuable lessons about myself in the process though. So there's that.

Lesson #1
I write better when I'm well-exercised. One way or the other. Still, what that means is I have a whole new plan o' Life Organisation. This also means I will be a super-sexy writer thanks to all the exercise. Watch out ladies.

Lesson #2
I don't wake up fully until 10AM. It's just how it is. Left to myself, my natural schedule is to stay up until just before the sun rises.

Lesson #3
I like lists, but only when I'm making them.

I've decided to spell things the British way in this biog post. I think that's because my computer thinks I'm in Singapore. Did you know that British people spell "blog" with an "i"? That's not true, but that's what the ole' spell checker says.

I'm going to write a story set in England, because I have no experience with England except from stories. Oh, and the English folk I know, I guess. They were all expatriates so they hardly count. MY STORY WILL HAVE PUBS IN.


I've migrated to Ubuntu on my netbook because it's awesome GIMP faster than Windows on my netbook. The only thing I use the Windows XP partition specifically for is Microsoft Office. failed me for fast ebook formatting.

Sure, I could do it the lame .html way, but I'm not really doing anything fancy.

Story: ?
Story "Title"
- - - -
Reading - ?



  1. I wrote a story set in England with all this dodgy English slang it. I sent it to Interzone. They never replied. I sent queries. They ignored them.

    I figure I offended them. But I'm Canadian; I'm a colonial. We're EXPECTED to pretend like we're British.


  2. What's the point of England if there's not a bunch of made-up slang in, is what I want to know?

    Jerapoding the taffletots, is what. So there.


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