Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snow And Lack Thereof

I haven't seen snow in two years. It's really impacting my ability to get cover art for stories set in snow, yet I still write stories set in snow because I don't care. Snow is easier to dream about because it uses fewer system resources to render.

Space is like a field of snow. Don't fall asleep or you'll freeze to death. That's Science Fiction, people.

I don't really notice the weather in any case, in the same way as I only notice the time of day because the shops close at inconvenient hours. I prefer to let the world take care of itself while I take care of myself.



Haw haw, Canada has funny snowsuits. Vacations unlimited? More like Dorks...a lot of them!

Take that, past! 

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  1. Well, that's my desktop background. It's also the background TO MY LIFE.


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