Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Tavern

I just spent a weekend camping and had a wonderful time. I'm still depressed, but that's purely natural and at least I'm well-exercised from wandering around. The upside is that means the topic of the day is the mindset of writing. The more I ramp up to write intensively, the more important I've found it to:

(1) Never Drink or Eat Alone
(2) Often Drink or Eat With Other People 

It works the same with eating, and the point is there's no real benefit to be had from being drunk by yourself. For one thing it's expensive, and for another you're getting no exercise. I don't know about you, but when I'm drinking with friends we're constantly moving around or engaging in elaborate hijinks or at least having very animated discussions around a bar.

Even in my current isolation (all for a good cause), it's important for me to actively find friends, if only to have somebody to bounce Creativity off of and to remember how it is that the people who don't live exclusively in my head speak English. Sadly, I don't have ready access to a proper Tavern, so I have to make the best of things.

So, yeah, Writers: If you're drinking alone, you're not writing enough. If you're eating alone, you should be eating vegetables and water. Save the fancy stuff for when you've got friends. You'll be healthier and write better.

But remember David's Rule for Writers: Eat All The Eggs You Want.

That's deep, and I just made that up.


Now THIS is an effective ad. I'm actively thirsty just looking at it. What happened to the good old days of advertisement?

Now it's all pop-up ads and click-through. And so few people wear suits and behave in a classy way.

NOW I WANT TO BE A MAD MEN. Although I guess they don't drink Budweiser. I want to be a slumming Mad Men.

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