Saturday, February 19, 2011

Green Skirt Green Hat

Lalala, green skirt, green hat.
Lalala, write hard, don't get fat.
Lalala, sexy times, come to those,
Lalala, those who think ahead,
Lalala, and write song lyrics.
Lalala, Lalala, Lalala, Lalala...

Yes. That was amazing.

There's more! But I won't write it because I want to leave it to your imagination.

That's the point of writing, right?

Here's the reason I'm a writer, even when I let my imagination go a little bit too far, there's always a way to bring it back and make it work. It's also a 100% True Fact that a lot of people like when imaginations go a bit too far. I just want it to be one of mine.

I've got three different kinds of imagination. The Good Kind, which is dull, The Bad Kind, which is...bad, and the Great Kind, which is what happens when I've got over the first two. Unlike what all the cool kids say to do, I do force my imagination into line, using whips.

The whips are made of cream cheese. It's mindcurdling.

I feel terrible, but I'm busy at it. I'm ignoring the terror. I'm ignoring the terror. Wait, why am I ignoring the terror? It's terrorible.



She's singing that song up there while she goes trick or treating.

It's Halloween Hijinks!

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