Thursday, February 10, 2011

Climbing the Stairs

Step 1 - Stop Drinking Alcohol and Eating Meat, Replace With Water and Vegetables. You'll be healthier over-all and you'll probably be in a better mood in the morning. Also you'll have more spare cash; Just make sure to drink clean water.

Step 2 - Exercise, nothing fancy, just walk around more. You'll be better in tune with your surroundings and you can prepare yourself for later adventures. Take a camera and snap a million pictures while you're wandering around. That'll always come in handy.

Step 3 - Get a girlfriend. Ver' important to the whole step process.


Steps 5-9 - ???

Step 10 - The World


Mental Hygiene is very important, but there's no real substitute for some solid exercise. That's why running up and down the stairs is fun when you've nothing better to do.

Even if it messes up the carefully constructed metaphor. Just pretend a new one started.

Story "Title"
- - - -
Reading - ?


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