Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Arms And Face The Day

Fighting with myself isn't going to help, except when I'm being a lazy little whiner loser bag of sack-crap. Then I've got to engage in Trench Warfare, by which I mean punch myself in the brain until I sit down and type continuously. Sooner or later, I'll have to punch myself less and less to type more and more, thus forming a "trench" of habit. Get it? That probably should have made the title of the post.

Anyways, there are three ways that I've come up with to punch my brain, with exclamation points added:

Self-Mockery! Always effective in measured doses, there's nothing that I can say to really bring myself down from my perch of boundless self-confidence, I just have to remind myself that I'm actually perched up there and that I'm actually competent.

Think About MONEY in a FUTURE of STABILITY! those three keywords have never failed to make me excited. I've spent a good long while one way or the other not existing in a future, existing instead in a present where I have very little money to dispose of towards ensuring stability. Writing is a way to ensure some semblance of stability, or at least a slush fund for pursuing my other interests.

Wait, This is FUN! Just remember how much I enjoy just sitting down and producing stuff, working hard every day at something that is entirely mine. I am a natural entrepreneur and it's not really a hard matter to trick myself into being my own hardass boss if I remember that I'd hate being an employee. This is the most effective way, really.

So, yeah, that's the trick of it. TRY IT AT HOME


Be Honest With Yourself would also have made a better post title. This one is over-titled and under-capitalized, but Come Now, here's what we're going to do:

Accoutrements was presumably the code phrase for "trench foot". Yeah, take that, recruiting poster! Punch somebody else in the brain, I'll be over here winning the war with SCIENCE!

Story "Title"
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Reading - ?


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