Friday, February 11, 2011

Well-Earned Relaxation

So you've written 50,000 words this week? Time to get yourself some rest. Which could mean several things:

Drink, Wait, what? NO!

Watch TV, if you want to ruin your outlook on life by muddying up the medium in which you work.

Read a book, if you have 12 spare hours to kill. Still, not a bad idea, especially if you're writing a book. Can't hurt to check it out.

Read a short story or two, now we're getting warmer. Bonus points if it's current and not in a style you normally write. Picking up piles of short story anthologies from all eras is also advisable. This is known both as market research and fun. 

Write Some More. Repeat until you can afford to take a vacation or die. Don't die.

Whee! Fun!


This is not to say that you shouldn't spend some time with your girlfriend engaged in stress relief activities, that's just good work habits. You have a job, don't you? She understands.

It's like cooking, except it takes less time away from your busy writing schedule.

Story "Title"
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Reading - ?


1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, I watch TV more often than not - or I do something physical like biking. After a major writing session, usually the last thing I want to do is anything related to words on a page! Guess I just need a little break sometimes.


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