Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Come On

Allow me to paint you a picture of my Mindset. For 20 days, I'm a manic pile of short-term energy, which is good for the word-count. The next 20 days, I'm a depressed sack of big-picture contemplation, which is good for business strategy. Repeat the Sack/Pile rotation indefinitely. At the moment, I'm a Sack.

But, um, I've already got a business strategy for the next six months: "Write 100 Stories and ePub Them." Pretty simple: clear-cut goal, reasonable time frame, looking to a future data set. It doesn't really leave much space for useful big-picture contemplation, so I'm sacrificing word-count (i.e. Accomplishing the Strategy) in exchange for...well, nothing.

Unless you count "IN FIVE YEARS I CAN HAS MONEY?"

Needless to say, I don't.

So, thus begins the next phase of the Writing Experiment. I've pretty much figured out how to work Manic, or, more flavorfully "pile-write". Now it's time to figure out how to work Depressed, or less flavorfully "sack-write". Then it'll be time to make both sides work harder, longer, and consistently.

Fortunately, Sack is good at coming up with strategies...

Let Science COMMENCE!


Hey, I totally ditched Q10 in favor of FocusWriter. It's cooler and runs on Windows, Mac & Linux. Try it!

Anyways, this is an inside joke between me and some editors:

I...I was not aware this song existed.


(Oh, and don't worry, I'm fine.)

I like old-style art. I need artist friends who can make cool posters for me to hang up on the bare walls of my house.

Then I can have a proper house party, with ladies and a wet bar.

Screw the posters, THAT's my new dream.

Long Story "Players of the Nuclear Theremin"
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  1. Well, I'm effectively the same way. Except... I don't really have a strategy. My Sack hours are spent playing and re-playing old RTS games like Total War and Close Combat. When I hit a productive period, I Forbid All Gaming and hit the keyboard and the books as much as possible. But, y'know, twenty days later...

    But you've got a good point: it's about working through the Sackery. Sometimes, anyway. If you can do it, all the better for the word count and the Money Making.

  2. Well, Sometimes is fine. Honestly, if I'm working 8 hours a day, 20 days a month: I'm fine. There're a lot of things I do in abject depression that are rather useful to society. They just don't pay very well.


  3. Ah, the periods where we're less productive. I suppose they're bound to happen every now and then.
    Good luck writing 100 stories! It sounds like a rather lofty goal.


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